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The Sound Detective: 

  Your customer comes into your store and mention that they have a funny sound in their car and no one has been able to locate it, they are interested in fixing the problem, but are not interested in replacing everything through guess work. “The Sound Detective” is the solution to their problem, with laser precision, I will locate the area of the noise or the problem itself, regardless if it`s in the structure of the vehicle or a component, the first time.  

  Advantages for automotive shops-A vehicle has been coming back to your shop for the same noise, this customer is now, or have, lost confidence in your facility and runs a strong risk of giving your shop a bad reputation, which will have bad results to your company. 

  Solution: after the first comeback and your technician was not sure the first time, but just made and educated guess at this point, for the sake of the company, this time it has to be right on the money. 

  Advantages for body shops-A customer leaves your shop after the vehicle has been at your shop for 2 or 3 weeks, your job is the get it like (or better) than pre collision conditions, even if your company worked on a different area of the vehicle, the customer will hear new sounds that can travel through the chassis of the vehicle causing a technician to lose production for the company provided that he`s dispatched to locate the problem.  

  Solution: The Sound Detective can come in and locate the noise(s) there by no production is loss from your floor staff, and your company can keep its busy schedule, the more difficult the noise, the more time it will take, this also can generate possible addition revenue for the company for the reason is, if it`s unrelated to the repair of the company, this can be customer pay ticket. 

  Advantages to the consumer: You fear the unknown, is a something big or little, this noise you have heard for a long time, it has gotten progressively worst, you can`t delay it anymore, you are afraid the local automotive repair shop will tell you something that cost a lot of money, and you just don’t have it, and all you want is that noise diagnosed, the shop can give you it`s best guess, but what if it`s wrong, then you`re upset. 

  Solution: Give “The Sound Detective” a call first, let me give you the confidence you need to face a repair shop by yourself, this way you will learn your car.




                                                                                         The Sound Detective

                                                                                      Reginald "Reggie" Barry


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